Roseglen is an unincorporated community, and one of twenty-nine townships in McLean County, North Dakota. While Roseglen is not an incorporated city, it does have a history that goes back to the turn of the 20th century.

Officially, the name of the Roseglen townsite is Batesville, although, from the beginning, the community has been known as Roseglen.


Much of the history of Roseglen was told in a book that was published for its Golden Jubilee in 1967, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the community, assembled by the Roseglen Golden Jubilee Committee. This text will be the primary source of information for this site.

Covered here will be the townsite of Roseglen and Roseglen Township, as well as neighboring townships and areas, which have historically been a part of the Roseglen community, such as Amundsville Township, Blackwater Township, Blue Hill Township, Deepwater Township, Emmet Township, Gate Township, Romsaas Township, and the Reservation area, although not all of these are currently townships.

Additionally, early settlers of these communities will be highlighted, with biographical sketches of those for whom such information is available, which currently includes hundreds of pages.

Also discussed is the creation of the White Shield School District, created on the edge of Reservation Land, just south of Roseglen, and the consolidation of several local school districts into this one district.