Ralph Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nelson

Ralph Nelson was the twin brother of Norman Nelson and, in many respects, their histories are identical. Their birth, childhood, education, arrival in the United States, and their work in the Red River Valley and the Wilton mines, these were all experiences that they shared. They arrived at Garrison together, and operated a general store there together.

After selling the store, the twins split up for a while. Ralph moved to Seattle to work for three years, and married his first wife, Lottie Carlson, in 1912. She had come from Parkers Prairie, Minnesota to Wilton in 1905, and homesteaded near Garrison in 1909. Ralph and Lottie had no children.

After they were married, they crossed into Canada to join Norman again, working on railroad construction. In 1914, they came back to North Dakota, and farmed near Wilton. The Nelsons moved to Fort Berthold in 1922, bought some land, leased more, and continued farming in McLean County until 1945. In that year, Ralph sold his North Dakota interests, moving with Lottie to Phoenix, Arizona, where Lottie passed away in 1953.

Ralph was married again, in 1955, to Nettie Winninger. They continued to live in Arizona, where they both were killed in an automobile accident in August of 1955, the same year they were married.