White Shield School

When part of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation was flooded by the construction of the Garrison Dam in 1954, a new Bureau of Indian Affairs school was built on a forty-acre tract of land six miles south of Roseglen, North Dakota.

It was located just within the boundaries of the Reservation, and with the understanding that the adjoining school districts would send their children to the new elementary school. Its doors opened that fall, with Albert Waubaunsee as principal. The first year, however, the Roseglen school was the only one that closed its doors and sent students to the new White Shield School.

On April 2, 1959, an election was held and an single large school district, White Shield School District No. 85, was organized from all or parts of seven local school districts which, by this time, were all or partly integrated into the new school. Four years of high school were also added, making the White Shield School a K-12th grade campus.

Serving on the planning board for the reorganization were Royce Hill and Arthur Daleness, representing Romsaas; Walter Hanson and Lloyd Pederson, from Hiddenwood; Robert Fox and Harold Ziegler, from Ziegler; Earl Pederson and Maurive Snippen, representing Roseglen; Mike Weinand and Donald Weigel, from Deepwater; Lynn Ziegler and Frank Heinze, from O’Shea. On the Tribal Council, with whom the District Planning Committee held many long meetings, were B.J. Young Bird, John Wilkinson, and John White Sr.

The first school board for the newly organized White Shield School District was comprised of Harold Ziegler (president), Robert Foxs (clerk), Wes Cumings Jr. (treasurer), and Donnell Haugen, Donald Giffey, Bernard Nelson, and Lynn Ziegler (members).

The first White Shield High School graduating class included Frances Bell, Duane Fox, Oscar Howard, Rodney Howling Wolf, Edward White, Myron Kerzman, Lavonne Krueger, Anna Rose Ruhland, James Slocum, and Bertina Waters.

With the addition of these outlying districts and the increased enrollment they brought, the school soon outgrew its capacity. Three unused school houses had been brought in to be used by the district, but there was still a need for additional space.

By the summer of 1962, construction had begun on a high school wing, which was ready for occupation by January 1, 1964. By 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published, the school consisted of fourteen classrooms, a library, a Home Ec room, music room, gymnasium, shop, playroom, science lab, conference room, and offices.

Mr. Harry DeLorme was principal in 1967, a post he had held since the fall of 1963. Prior to that, White Shield had three other principals: Mr. Albert Waubaunsee (1954-1958), Mr. Donald Weston (1958-1960), and Mr. Carl W. Vance (1960-1963).

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