Amundsville Township


Amundsville Township, North Dakota

Amundsville Township is located on what was the Fort Berthold Reservation, in McLean County, North Dakota. People living in the eastern part of Amundsville Township generally did their shopping in Roseglen.

Amundsville Township is northeast of Roseglen, north of Deepwater Township, west of Gate Township, southwest of Hiddenwood Township, south of Mountrail Township, southeast of Banner Township, northeast of Loquemont Township, and east of Cremervillel Township.

Early History of Amundsville Township

Amundsville Township was opened for homesteading in the fall of 1912, but the majority of the homesteaders came in the spring of 1913. The township was formally organized in 1914.

J.O. Amundson and his brother, Henry Amundson, were in the area of Harvey, doing threshing at the time that they heard of the land opening, so they went to Minot and filed on a claim. Previously, their was at Glencoe, Minnesota, where they were both born and raised. Henry passed away in 1919.

Joe Amundson was born in Glencoe, Minnesota, and attended Bruflat Academy in Portland, North Dakota, and the University of Minnesota. His wife, formerly Hilda Johnson, was born in Cooperstown, North Dakota in 1891. She taught school and was also a homesteader.

In the fall of 1913, Mr. Amundson circulated a petition to establish a post office on his claim. It was granted, but continued only until 1917, when it was discontinued after a Star Route from Ryder to Raub was established. A.J. Granum was the first mail carrier on that route.

There were a number of women holding down homesteading claims in Amundsville Township, including Alice Hodges, Lily Johnson (who later became Mrs. Henry Thorpe), Hilda Johnson (Mrs. Joe Amundson), Anna Larson (Mrs. Ed Rue), Minnie Larson (Mrs. Lars Christenson, and Sena Rue (Mrs. A. Sundenaa).

While the single women usually had no transportation, the bachelors in the area would ask them to take their teams and buggies, and get them some groceries at the Roseglen store, thereby getting their own groceries at the same time that they were helping out the women.

Schools in Amundsville Township

The first teacher in Amundsville Township was Lily Johnson, a homesteader who began teaching there in 1913. Among her pupils were Anna and Bertha Hauge, and Emma Skaar.

The consolidated Wright School was organized sometime between 1914 and 1916. Two other early teachers were Helen Oscarson and Lena Riveness.

Churches in Amundsville Township

The first pastor in Amundsville Township was the Reverend Nels Mehlen, who came from Harvey, North Dakota, and took up a homestead in the Raub area.