Alfred Mead

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred I. Mead

Alfred I. Mead was born in 1881 at Ionia, Iowa, and Anna Thivierge was born at Rainy River, Ontario, Canada in 1883. They were married at Blackduck, Minnesota. Their first son, Alfred Fayette Mead, was born there in 1909.

In 1910, Mr. and Mrs. Mead moved to Crary, North Dakota, but lived there for only about a year. In 1911, Alfred Mead, Lewis Wood, and Gene Wood set out to find new homes. They looked over land around Roseglen and Raub, but did not take homesteads at this time. They returned to Crary.

In the spring of 1912, they set out again, with their families, to find new homes. Alfred filed a homestead claim in Amundsville Township, near a spring about one-half mile southwest of where the Wright School was later to be built. Their second son, Earl, was born on this homestead, and a daughter, Alta, was born two years later, with Mrs. Bertha Ring serving as midwife.

In 1921, the Meads moved to the Lucky Mound Store, which was located about two miles east of the John Stahl ferry crossing on the Missouri River, west of Raub. Mr. Mead and Lewis Wood operated the store for a year. In 1922, they moved back to the farm just a quarter mile west of the Wright School, where they lived until 1937, when he bought a ranch six miles north of Ryder.

While he lived in the Wright School district, Mr. Mead held several township offices, and was president of the school board for years. Claire Mead was born in 1926, but passed away in June of 1927.

Mr. and Mrs. Mead moved into Ryder in 1949, and passed away on December 4, 1950. Mrs. Mead lived until January 31, 1952, when she passed away after a long illness.