Anton Eidahl

Mr. and Mrs. Anton Eidahl

In July of 1914, Anton Eidahl left Fergus Falls, Minnesota, heading for Montana by motorcycle, for the purpose of looking for land. He stopped at Parshall, North Dakota, to look up an old friend, Ed Jorgenson. While he was there, he learned of an unclaimed quarter section of land in Amundsville Township, and filed on it on July 14, 1914.

For most of that summer and fall, Anton worked around Parshall, while devoting some of his time building a homestead shack, before returning to Fergus Falls for the winter.

In the spring of 1915, he returned to his homestead, bought some horses, and began farming. By winter, he had purchased a well-boring machine, and was digging wells around the country. In 1917, he sold his horses, bought a tractor, and never had a horse on his farm again.

He married Anna Barsness Johnson, who was living in Roseglen, in June of 1924, and they both made it through the depression, which were rough years.

Their children were Clarence, Milton, Wallace, Elaine, and Christel.

Christel taught school before marrying Melvin Slind, after which they farmed in Amundsville Township, living on what had previously been the Reinertson place.

During different periods of his life, Anton Eidahl served in several offices, including assessor, town clerk, a member of the Amundsville Township board, school clerk, and a member of the Wright School board, as well as secretary for the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, a position he held for twenty years.

Mr. and Mrs. Anton Eidahl sold their farm in the fall of 1960, and moved to Parshall, where both were still living at the time that the Golden Jubilee book was published in 1967.