Emil Forsman

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Forsman

Emil Forsman was born in Braxtrask, Sweden, on April 6, 1890. He and his younger brother, Lars, immigrated to the United States in the spring of 1907; their brother, Nels, had come earlier, and was farming in the area of Kulm, North Dakota.

They worked on farms for wages of $15 a month until 1912, when he moved to the Amundsville Township area, along with Seth Dahlberg, and filed for homestead claims there. He and Seth build a shack and lived together for several years while building their barns, and breaking their land.

Marie Hanson had come to the United States from Norway, and attended a Baptist college in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She came to North Dakota to file on a homestead in Deepwater Township.

Emil Forsman and Marie Hanson were married in the fall of 1923 at Washburn, and spent the winter in Washington State. In 1928, they built a new home on Emil’s land in Amundsville Township.

Their children were Ella Mae, Alfred, and Emil Jr. After marrying Shirley Huus, Alfred made his home on his father’s homeplace.

Mrs. Forsman passed away in November of 1945 and, at the time that the Golden Jubilee book was published, in 1967, Emil was living in Vancouver, Washington.