Hans Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Hans Olson

Hans Olson came to the United States from Norway, and lived with his uncle, Nels Forsman, and his family, in Kulm, North Dakota until 1928, when he moved to Roseglen, making his home with another uncle, Emil Forsman, while working in the area.

He married Mabel Hauger in 1933. The Olsons lived on a few different farms in the Roseglen area, then bought the former Mortenson and J.B. Nelson farm, in Amundsville Township.

They lived in Minot for about four years while their children attended high school. Hans was employed as a custodian for Montgomery Ward at the time.

Later, they moved back to their farm. Mabel Olson died there in 1965. At the time that the Golden Jubilee book was published in 1967, Hans was still alive and spending winters on the West Coast.

The Olsons had four children: Harland, Orvin, Lowell, and Florence.