Joe Amundson


Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Amundson

Joe Amundson was born and raised in Glencoe, Minnesota, and lived there from his birth in 1886 until he moved to North Dakota in 1912. Joe attended Bruflat Academy in Portland, North Dakota, and the University of Minnesota.

Hilda Johnson was born in Cooperstown, North Dakota in 1891. She taught school, and was a homesteader in Amundsville Township. Joe and Hilda were later married.

Joe Amundson and his brother, Henry, were threshing in the area of Harvey when they heard that the Fort Berthold land was opening for homesteading, so they went to Minot and filed on claims in 1912. Henry died in 1919.

In the fall of 1913, Mr. Amundson circulated a petition to establish a post office on his claim. It was granted, but continued only until 1917, when a Star Route from Ryder to Raub was established, but the township was named for him.