John Hauge

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hauge

John T. Hauge was born near Oslo, Norway in 1865. At the age of twenty, he came to the United States. Engel Lenning was born at Thor, Iowa in 1871. She and John Hauge were married in 1899.

Mr. and Mrs. Hauge farmed near Humboldt, Iowa until 1906, when they moved to North Dakota, where they lived on a farm near Harvey until 1912.

In 1912, Mr. Hauge took a homestead in what was to become Amundsville Township, McLean County, North Dakota, moving his family there in the fall of 1913. They remained on their homestead until the death of Mr. Hauge in 1948. Mrs. Hauge passed away the following year.

As Mr. and Mrs. Hauge had one of the larger homes in the area, several social gatherings were held there. Although there were no churches in the area, there was a Lutheran pastor, also a homesteader. Services were held in private homes, and the congregation’s first Confirmation class of eight members was at the Hauge home in 1914.

When the Hauge’s first moved to the area, the township had not yet been formed, so their post office address was in Makoti. There were no scheduled mail pickups; whenever someone had to make a supply trip, they would pick up the mail for the community. Supply trips were made with a team of horses and a bobsled in the winter, and groceries would be purchased for several families in one trip.

The winters were long in North Dakota, and there were several storms. After a three-day blizzard, neighbors would look for a column of smoke rising from their neighbors’ shacks as a signal that all was well.

As a gathering place, the Hauge residence received several visitors. Before nightfall, bachelors would often trudge through the snow drifts to visit and to buy milk and a few eggs, sometimes to spend the night, if the weather was particularly bad.

The Hauge’s had twelve children: Hans, Torger, Clarence, Albert, Ella, George, Leonard, Anna, Bertha, Martha, Richard, and Edna.