Knute Noss

Mr. and Mrs. Knute Noss

Knute and Guro (Strand) Noss were both born in Aali, Hallingdal, Norway, and they were married there in 1887. 

Knute (1857-1943) and Guro (1869-1945) Noss immigrated to the United States the same year they were married, coming first to Hatton, North Dakota, where they lived with Knute’s brother, Tollef Noss. Later, they homesteaded at Gary, Minnesota.

In 1912, Knute filed on a homestead fourteen miles southwest of Makoti. In the spring of 1913, they sold their Minnesota farm, loaded their belongings onto two emigrant cars, and moved to their new homestead.

They lived in a tent that summer, while their house was being built. They supplemented their income by selling milk, butter and homemade bread to bachelors in the area.

They brought with them, to Amundsville Township, McLean County, North Dakota, six of their nine children: Carl, Gyda, Inga, Elvina, Theodore, and Edward. Their son, Henry, and daughter, Gurina (Mrs. H. Hagy) had established homes in Minnesota, and remained there with their families, and one son had died in infancy.