Lewis Lembcke

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Lembcke

Lewis (Lewie) Lembcke was born on January 19, 1888 at Green Bay, Wisconsin. His father was a railroad engineer, and the family traveled with him sometimes in an covered wagon, although most of his early life was spent in Wisconsin.

Lewis moved to Cooperstown, North Dakota in 1911, where he spent one year working for a veterinarian. The training that he received there helped him to care for many sick animals, both his own and those belonging to neighbors who would call on him for help.

He and Thorval Hagen rode horseback across the prairie to the Ryder-Roseglen area, where they took up  homesteads. While he was proving up his homestead, he worked on it during the summer months, while going to northern Minnesota during the winter, where he worked in the woods.

During this time, the Charles Gustafson family moved to the same area from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they built a home and a blacksmith shop two miles from Lewie’s homestead.

Lewis married Lydia Gustafson in Minot on April 16, 1916. Later, he bought two quarters of land. He planted a grove of trees, and built a home on the quarter south of his homestead in Amundsville Township, McLean County, North Dakota.

The Lembckes lost their first two children, both boys, but they had seven more: Donald, William, James, Dorothy, Doris, Lucille, and Edith.

Lewis raised horses, even buying bronchos from the Indians, training them, and shipping them east for farm use. He was a member of the North Dakota Legislature from McLean County and, in the late 1920s, he served on township and school boards.

He suffered a stroke in 1954, and never fully recovered. He died at home on April 19, 1958. Lydia continued to live on the home place until 1961, when she moved to Minot, living there until her death on October 14, 1963.