Nicholai Hauger

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholai Hauger

Nicholai Hauger was born near the town of Winger, in Goodhue County, Minnesota, in 1877. He married Bertha Messelt in 1906. She had also been living near Winger.

Mr. and Mrs. Hauger moved to North Dakota and filed on a homestead in Amundsville Township in 1913. Mrs. Hauger and their infant baby died in 1920, leaving her husband and seven children. In 1921, their oldest son, Norrie, died at the age of fifteen.

Mr. Hauger sold his farm that year, and found homes for the remaining children. In 1923, he moved to Montana where he filed on a homestead, living there for several years, then moved back to Minnesota where he died in 1950.