Rasmus Jorgenson

Mr. and Mrs. Rasmus A. Jorgenson

Rasmus Jorgenson was born in Varde, Denmark in 1886. He immigrated to the United States in 1905, living in Chicago for a short time, then moving to Finley, North Dakota. In 1912, he married Sarah Hagen, of Finley.

In 1913, Mr. and Mrs. Jorgenson homesteaded in the Roseglen area of McLean County, in Amundsville Township.

The Jorgensons had three children: Albert, Adolph, and Myrtle. Albert was married to Myrtle Kolden, and they farmed northwest of Roseglen. Adolph married Emma Erickson, and they lived near Stanley. Myrtle became Mrs. Gilmore Knutson, and lived in Blaisdell, North Dakota.

Mrs. Jorgenson passed away in 1961, and Mr. Jorgenson died in November of 1966.