Theodore Mortenson

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Mortenson

Theodore Mortenson was born on a farm named Bo, near Naarbo Jedderen, Norway. His father, Morton Bo, and his mother, had thirteen children, some of whom died early in life.

In 1905, Theodore, along with his siblings, Martin, Tonnes, Einar, Anna, Malena, Magnus, Thorsten, and Carl, immigrated to the United States.

For a time, he ran a butcher shop in Hampden, North Dakota. John Nelson helped him run the shop. Later, he took a homestead on some land in McLean County, after the government opened the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation for settlement.

He traveled to his homestead with Gilbert Garnas, John Nelson, and A. Olsen.

Theodore and  his wife homesteaded in what was to become Amundsville Township, McLean County, North Dakota, and became the parents of eight children, including Agnes, Myrtle, Marvin, Edwin, Harold, Violet, and Theodora.

Mr. Mortenson was instrumental in forming Amundsville Township. However, he became ill and passed away in 1920, leaving his wife and eight children.