William Dahl

Mr. and Mrs. W.K. Dahl

William Dahl was born in Norway on November 10, 1861. He emigrated from Norway to the United States at the age of sixteen, and settled near Kloten, North Dakota.

His wife, Margeth, was also born in Norway, on July 13, 1875. She came to America with her parents when she was eight, settling in Erie, Minnesota.

William and Margeth were married in Kloten on November 1, 1905. They moved to McLean County in the spring of 1913, and took a homestead six miles north of Roseglen, in what would later  become Amundsville Township. Their old homestead was later owned by Edwin Slind, the oldest son of their good neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Slind.

Mr. and Mrs. Dahl arrived at their homestead with a family of four children, the youngest (Knute) only three or four weeks old, and later had another boy and girl. Their sons were Olav, Knute, and Borge (Bud); and their daughters were Thelma, Viola, and Gertrude.

Following the death of her husband, Mrs. Dahl left the Amundsville Township area in 1937 and, at the time that the Golden Jubilee book was published, in 1967, she was living in a nursing home in Vancouver, Washington.