Deepwater Township

Deepwater Township, North Dakota

Part of McLean County, North Dakota, Deepwater Township is south of Amundsville Township, west of Roseglen Township, southwest of Gate Township, east of Loquemont Township, southeast of Cremerville Township, and northwest of White Shield.

Its first township meeting was called to order by Stanton Lee and John Simonson on March 27, 1920, at the Ingvold Jorgenson residence, for the purpose of organizing and naming the new township.

A petition was formed and signed by the voters, with five names proposed, from which Deepwater was chosen.

George Cooper and Conrad Noorlunn were chosen to serve as moderators for this organizational meeting.

The first board members elected were John Simonson (Chairman), Leo Frank (Clerk), Pete Weigel (Treasurer) and Fred Sprenger and John Lind (Directors).

In the spring, they held their meeting at the Club home. Some of the business that was conducted consisted of County Agent Norling speaking to the taxpayers on the Grasshopper subject. Axel Hanson was appointed gopher exterminator, with Wesley Cummings and Carl Anderson to help with the job.

Board members present were Lloyd Dahl and Francis Dahlberg, William Albrecht (Supervisor), Willie Cole (Treasurer), and Dennis Zahnow (Clerk.