A.S. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Cole left their home in Atchison, Kansas in 1916, with their four sons, and moved to Deepwater Township, in McLean County, North Dakota. They did not homestead, but rather bought a relinquishment.

Mr. Cole was a carpenter by trade, and he built their home during the winter of 1916-1917.

Mrs. Cole’s mother, Mrs. Emilie Mueller, came to Deepwater Township in November of 1916, and made her home with her son-in-law and daughter until her passing in 1928.

Mr. and Mrs. Cole were active in the programs of the Roseglen Baptist Church, where Mr. Cole served as custodian until his death in 1931. Mrs. Cole remained on the farm until the summer of 1957, and was living with her son, Edward, at Bismarck, at the time of her death in October of 1957.

They had four sons: Willie E. Cole, David W. Cole, Edward H. Cole, and Alfred E. Cole. When the Golden Jubilee book was published in 1967,  Willie Cole and his wife, Rita, were living on a farm northwest of Roseglen, also in Deepwater Township, along with their sons, Charles, Mark, and Richard. David was married and living in Lanigan, Saskatchewan, Canada; Edward and his family were in Bismarck, and Alfred was living in Deepwater Township.