Axel Hanson

Mr. and Mrs. Axel Hanson

Axel Hanson came to the Roseglen community in May of 1916. He was born in Norway, and came to the United States in 1909, at the age of seventeen. In Norway, he had enjoyed sailing and had also spent some time working on a whale boat.

After arriving in the United States, he was employed for a time by John Deere and Company in Moline, Illinois. After traveling for a few years, he arrived in North Dakota in 1915, where he first learned to work on a farm.

He registered for a homestead without giving it much thought. He was working for Charley Wilson at Hiddenwood, and one night after he had gone to bed, some of the men he worked with decided to go to Plaza and register for a homestead, persuading him to go along. He registered, then quickly dismissed it.

Late in the fall, when the threshing season was over, he was ready to travel again. Mr. Wilson bought him to Ryder, where he stayed overnight. Then news came about the drawing, and his number was 32, a lucky number.

He returned to HIddenwood and, in the spring of 1916, he found his homestead in Deepwater Township of McLean County. He broke seventy-five acres for flax, bought four horses and some machinery, and started farming, continuing until he retired in 1957.

He and his wife, Blanche, the daughter of Mrs. Tillie Olson, still spend summers on the farm after retirement. In 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published, they were still alive and still spending summers on their farm.