Carl Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Olson

Carl Olson was born on December 14, 1887 in Stearns County, Minnesota. His wife, Sara, was born in Norway, coming to the United States with her sister in 1901. Carl and Sara were married in Cooperstown in 1912, and moved to Saskatchewan, Canada, where they lived for four years.

They moved to the Roseglen community in 1916, and took a homestead on the NW 1/4-Sec. 33, 149 Rge. 88, in McLean County’s Deepwater Township.

There was a little store and post office in Raub and, once a week, Carl would drive his team of horses to get the mail. On Saturdays, he would get the mail for his neighbors, Gunder Neegard, Einar Kloppedahl, Fred Smith, Martin Ripkama, Gilbert Anderson, Stanton Lee, and Jake Helrigel, all bachelors.

In the evening, they came to get their mail and often stayed until the early morning hours. They would entertain themselves by having wrestling matches, while Sarah would holler at them to stop, for fear that she would lose her dishes out of the cupboards.

One of the things that talked about was the railroad. One day, they were going to have a railroad in their community.

It was a 26-mile trip to either Makoti or Parshall, where they hauled their wheat. They would all go together in a caravan, with their wagons and horses, hauling 125 bushels a trip. It would take one day going and one day coming home.

Julius Mattson was their mailman. He was promoting the Rural Electric Cooperative. One day, he and Sarah were discussing the REA in the garden, and Carl wasn’t sold on the idea. So when Julius wasn’t looking, Carl went to the mail car and ate up Julius’s lunch.

The Olsons had one son, Gordon. Carl retired in 1955, and moved to Fargo, returning to stay on the farm during the summers. Sarah passed away in 1963. When the Golden Jubilee book was published in 1967, Carl was living with his son, Gordon.