Carl Skogen

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Skogen

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Skogen were married at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church of Red Wing, Minnesota, on June 23, 1921.

Mrs. Slogen had been born near Wanamingo, Minnesota on July 26, 1893, growing up there. She attended school only through the seventh grade and part of the eighth grade, then had to quit because she was needed at home. Her mother wasn’t doing well and her older sisters were either married or working away from home. She was confirmed in the Lutheran Church when she was fifteen years old.

Carl Skogen was born near Kasson, Minnesota, on January 1, 1896. In 1906, his parents moved to Pine County, Minnesota. He attended school for a few years in Dodge County, and the remainder in rural schools near Sandstrom, Minnesota. He was a veteran of World War I.

After their marriage in 1921, they lived at Remer, Minnesota for four years. Their two oldest children, Marion and Irving, were born there. Carl Skogen worked there as a logger.

Mrs. Skogen had brothers who had settled near Minot, North Dakota in the early 1900s, and a sister, Mrs. Henry O. Nelson, who had moved to the Minot area in 1910, and had moved to the Roseglen area in 1916, living there until her passing in 1957.

Due, in part, because of her relations there, the Skogens moved to to North Dakota in 1925. Carlyle, their third child, was born two days after they arrived in Minot. Born in Trinity Hospital in Minot, he was the only one born in a hospital.

The Skogens bought the Alfred Truhn farm in Deepwater Township, McLean County, in the fall of 1925, and were still living there in 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published.

As they prospered, they bought more land nearby. Their twins, Jeanice and Jeanette, were born on their farm in Deepwater Township two years after they began farming there. Grace was born in 1929. The children attended rural school, to which they usually walked. They walked across the fields, which was shorter; sometimes in the winter, they would hitch their horse, Dan, to a homemade sled, and be able to arrive quickly.

The children attended high school at Ryder. Marian, the oldest daughter, became a Graduate Nurse, and married Clifford Bergan, of Roseglen. Their son, Irving, after serving in the military from 1943 to 1946, took over the farm after the Skogens retired.