Fred Sprenger

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sprenger

Fred Sprenger came to the Roseglen community in June of 1917, along with his brother and sister-in-law, August and Dorothy Sprenger, and their daughter. They came from Lincoln Valley, where their parents had moved to several years before. Fred was born in Menno, South Dakota. He took a homestead west of Roseglen, in Deepwater Township, North Dakota.

He lived in an 8x14-foot tent for a while, and nearly every night during those times, the clouds would bank up and it would rain, with lightning and thunder adding to the tenseness.

Fred hauled lumber and, with the help of his brother, started building his house, which was completed by the first part of August.

The Sprenger brothers returned to Lincoln Valley to harvest the crop that they had in there, and then moved out with all of their belongings, and started farming.

Fred married Mary Braunberter at Lincoln Valley, North Dakota. They became the parents of eight children: Fred, Bertha, Emil, Ludwig, Irene, Martha, Henry, and Marie.

His first wife died in 1022 and, in 1924, he married her sister, Helen Braunberter, with whom he had six children: Edwin, Ann, Ruth, Adolph, Albert, and Elaine.

In 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sprenger were still living on the homeplace, but their son, Albert, was farming it.