George Albrecht


Mr. and Mrs. George Albrecht

George Albrecht came with his parents to Emmet, North Dakota from Minnesota in 1905.

He took a homestead in Deepwater Township, McLean County, in 1915. The following year, he married Rose Bauer.

In 1925, he started flying and was a pilot for twenty-five years. He provided transportation for William Langer during his gubernatorial campaigns, and participated in a special Lindbergh Day mail pick-up on May 19, 1938, picking up mail in Roseglen, Minot, Mohall, Bottineau, Velva, and McClusky, and transporting it to Bismarck. He also flew under the Elbowoods Bridge when it was dedicated on June 16, 1934.

George and Rose retired from farming in 1941, and bought a house in Garrison, North Dakota. George passed away in 1966 and, at the time that the Jubilee Book was published, in 1967, Mrs. Albrecht was still living in Garrison.

Their children are: Geraldine, Bill, and Gerald.