George Giddings

Mr. and Mrs. George Giddings

George Giddings was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1888. Along with Harley Posey and George Kinney, George came to the Roseglen, North Dakota area around 1920, and George bought a farm in what became known as Deepwater Township, in McLean County. The three of them operated a threshing rig together.

Mabel Forde grew up in Decorah, Iowa. She came to Ray, North Dakota, and later took a job working for Giddings, Posey, and Kinney, as their cook. She and George were married in 1924.

Mr. Giddings passed away in 1957. In 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published, Mrs. Giddings was living on the Frank Linha farm, in rural Minot, where she was employed.

Mr. and Mrs. Giddings had two children. Their daughter, Beatrice, married Duane Charging, and they lived on a ranch southwest of Raub. Their son, Raymond, farmed the home place.