Harry Randol

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Randol

Harry and Grace Randol were both born in Indiana, where they grew up and were married. In 1915, they moved to the area of Glenburn and Minot, North Dakota to farm.

In the spring of 1917, Harry and Grace, along with Joel Beam and his wife, Lucy, traveled by horse and wagon to a homestead in Deepwater Township, in McLean County, where they lived for many years, through the depression years of the early 1930s, when they say year after year of dust storms and no crop.

In the fall of 1936, they returned to Indiana. Harry died in January of 1949, and Grace died in October of 1965.

One humorous story that Grace told was the time they had on their trip to the homestead. They had to go up the long hill south of Minot and, because of the mud that spring day, it took them all day to get that far. Deciding they could go no further, they camped at the top of the hill, and it got so cold during the night that Grace put on Joel Beam’s long underwear in order to keep herself warm.