Hector Billadeau

Mr. and Mrs. Hector Billadeau

Hector Billadeau was born in St. George, Illinois in 1885. In 1913, he came to the Harland, North Dakota area to work on farms, renting one near Hartland, in Ward County, in 1916. That same year, he drew a number for a homestead claim on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation.

That fall, he and a neighbor came to his homestead, in what was to become Deepwater Township, McLean County, and built a 13x14-foot shack, as well as a small barn.

In 1916, he was married to Ava Johnson of Donnybrook, and they moved to their homestead in the spring of 1917. They drove across country with a horse and buggy, two teams, a hay rack, and a grain tank loaded with their belongings, which included some household goods, a plow, drag and drill, two cows, and twelve chickens. It took them three days to make the trip, as the roads were poor, the frost was coming out of the ground, and they got stuck several times.

In 1950, he and Woodrow Overlie bought the Raub Tavern. In 1952, he rented his farm to his son, Everell, and later bought out Overlie. However, due to poor health, he sold his tavern to Danny Muhlbradt in 1959 and bought a house in Parshall in the spring of 1960.

Mr. and Mrs. Billadeau became the parents of four children: Doris, Leon, Everell, and Thelma.

Hector passed away in January of 1965. In 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published, Mrs. Billadeau was still living in Parshall.