Jode Beam

Mr. and Mrs. Jode S. Beam

Mrs. Lucy Beam was born in 1877 at Tulip, Missouri. There, she married Robert Brown on March 20, 1902. Following their marriage, they moved to Kansas. Mr. Brown passed away on September 13, 1911.

Mrs. Brown and their daughter, Fae, moved back to Missouri. Then, in 1913, they moved to North Dakota.

Mrs. Brown remarried in April of 1913, to Jode S. Beam. They were married at the Presbyterian Church in Minot, North Dakota. They lived in the Glenburn area until 1917, then homesteaded on a farm near Roseglen, in Deepwater Township, McLean County, North Dakota.

Mr. Beam hired a locator from Minot to help them find his quarter. This was in the summer of 1916. In September, they traveled by team and wagon, stopping at Ryder to load lumber onto the wagon, with which to build their homestead shack. After building the shell of their shack, they returned to Glenburn for the winter.

On April 4, 1917, they left Glenburn for Roseglen, Mr. Beam with four horses and the hayrack, Mrs. Beam with a wagon and team, and Fae bringing up the rear with a horse and buggy. The weather was cold and snowy, and the roads were trails, soft with mud.

The trip took four days, and they arrived on April 7th. Snow had blown into the shack, and Mr. Beam had to shovel it out before they could unload and set up a stove.

Mr. Beam passed away on April 12, 1958, Mrs. Beam on January 12, 1959. Their daughter, Fae, married Otto Anderson, and they lived in Minot.

The Beams were members of the Roseglen Baptist Church, and its Ladies Aid Society.