Leo Tibbs

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Tibbs

Orianna Miller was born in Lake Benton, Minnesota, in 1896. She came to North Dakota in 1902, and to Ryder in 1906, along with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Miller. She was a member of the first High School graduating class and, in 1916, she graduated from Stoudt Institute in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Before her marriage, she also took nurses training at the Swedish Hospital in Minneapolis.

In the summer of 1916, the school sections of the Coal Lands were opened for settlement, and Orianna was fortunate enough to have her name drawn, entitling her to file on the quarter section of her choice. There were fifty-seven people who were registered for the quarter section that Orianna chose.

Leo Emerson Tibbs was born in Minneapolis in 1893, moving to Rugby, North Dakota, in 1909, where his father was in business, and the postmaster, for eight years.

Following his graduation from high school in Rugby, he attended Business College in Fargo, and served in the Infantry overseas during World War I.

He and Orianna, the oldest daughter of a pioneer family in Ryder, were married in 1920. After their marriage, they lived in Makoti for a short time, then at Ryder, and Garrison. In 1925, they moved to Minot, where Leo was employed in the Post Office Department until his retirement in 1957, the last four years as Postmaster of the Minot office.

Leo and Orianna have two sons, James and Frank. In 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published, they were spending their winters in Arizona and their summers in Canada, while maintaining a family home in Minot.