Martin Almquist

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Almquist

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Almquist homesteaded in Deepwater Township, in McLean County, North Dakota. He was the brother of Mrs. Carl Anderson who, with her husband, homesteaded the land that Engel Dahl would later own.

Mr. and Mrs. Almquist were the parents of four children: Arnold, Olger, Mildred, and Eileen. The three oldest attended Ryder High School.

After selling out their farming interests the Almquists moved to Minot, where Mr. Almquist operated a store for some years. Later, they moved to Seattle, Washington, where Mrs. Almquist passed away a few years later. In 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published, Mr. Almquist was still living in Seattle, as were Older, Mildred, and Eileen, who were married. Arnold was electrocuted, and died from severe burns a few weeks later.