Mike Weinand

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Weinand

Mike Weinand was born in Avon, Minnesota in 1905. He came to North Dakota with his parents by train when he was fourteen years old, settling in what was then Elbowoods, which is now covered by the waters of the Garrison Dam. He remained there until the spring of 1936, finishing grade school in the Mission School, then working on his father’s farm until he was married to Lillian Aulman at Elbowoods.

Lillian was born in 1910 at Fairchild, Wisconsin, and came to Crosby, North Dakota with her parents when she was one years old. They lived there for four years, then moved to a farm 4 1/2 miles south of Raub, which later became the Everett Moll farm. She attended grade school there and, during the summer, she worked at the Ed Mason home, and later for Mrs. Kathe at the Parshall Cafe.

Most of her friends as a child rode horseback at that time, and Mike used to come on horseback to visit with her.

Jake Moll’s home, and Nick Weinand’s, were meeting places most every Sunday for the Weinands, Molls, Aulmans, Tuckers, Dorans, and other young folk, where they danced to the violin music of Frank Doran and Jake Moll, which sometimes went on until morning.

After the Weinands were married, they lived in the vicinity of Elbowoods. During the dry 1930s, they found it necessary to sell most of their cattle, except for a couple of milk cows, to the government for lack of feed. They were paid no more than $20 apiece for them, and most of this was spent on a new washing machine, powered by a gas engine. The Weinand’s fifth boy had arrived by then, so it was welcome. Before that, clothes were washed on an old rubbing board, three days a week.

In the spring of 1936, the Weinands moved to the M.M. Danks farm and, from there to the Harry Randol place in 1939, where they were still living in 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published.

Mr. and Mrs. Weinard were the parents of seven boys and one girl: Leonard, Charles, Philip, Thomas, Donald, Gerome, Rosella, and Richard.