Oscar Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson

Mrs. Oscar Johnson, the former Margaret Larson, was born in Denmark. In 1912, her uncle, Peter Larson, who lived near Ryder, went to Denmark and brought Margaret and her brother back with him. Their parents had passed away, and he thought they would have a better future in the United States.

Margaret stayed with relatives in Iowa for a while, then moved to North Dakota to be with her uncle. She attended school at the Blue Hill School for one term, so as to learn to speak the English language better.

In the spring of 1916, she homesteaded in Deepwater Township, McLean County, North Dakota. During the summer, her uncle built a homestead shack for her, and she moved in that fall.

She homesteaded alone for three years, then, on October 14, 1919, she and Oscar Johnson were married. Oscar also had a homestead in Deepwater Township, but they lived on Margaret’s homestead.

Oscar had been born at Edinburg, North Dakota, and served in the Army during World War I.

In July of 1965, they sold their farm to Robert Rustad, and moved to Elnora, New York to live with their son, Robert, and his family. Robert was married to Marie Spagnuola of Boston.

Oscar passed away in November of 1965. In 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published, Mrs. Johnson was still living with Robert and his family.