Richard Farnstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Farnstrom

Richard Farnstrom was born in 1882. He came from Norway to South Dakota with his parents at the age of five. In 1895, he moved to North Dakota, where he made his home in Walcott.

Ida L. Lee was born in Walcott, North Dakota in 1888, where she was when she met Richard. They were married in 1904. Their attendants, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Berg, took the couple to Portal by horse and lumber wagon to be married.

The Farnstroms moved to the Roseglen area of McLean County in 1916, coming by immigrant train from Walcott to Makoti, then by horse and wagon to their home site.

They were one of the first families to settle in what was to become Deepwater Township. They recalled that there was not a stick of wood on the place, and no roads. At night, they would sometimes place the lantern on something high in order to help them find the way back home if they had to go out for water and supplies.

Farnstrom built the barn first, and the family lived there until the house was shingled. Mrs. Farnstrom did  her first canning while they were living in the barn.

Mr. Farnstrom was a butcher by trade, as well as a skilled mason and carpenter, becoming well known for this work.

Mrs. Farnstrom passed away in 1959. When the Golden Jubilee book was published in 1967, Mr. Farnstrom was still living on his homestead.

They were the parents of seven children: Morris, Ruby, Clara, Olive, Edna, Nina, and Clifford.