Thomas Franklin

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Franklin

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Franklin came to the United States with their parents from Norway. Thomas was only six years old at the time, and Elisa was sixteen. They were married in Nelson County, North Dakota, where they lived before moving to Deepwater Township to take a homestead in 1916.

When they moved to Deepwater, their family consisted of six children: Sam, Orvin, Ferdinand, Bessie, Thresia, and Adeline. They came to Deepwater in the fall, but there were no schools at at that time. The next fall, school was held in a house, and Mrs. Adolph Sorenson was their first teacher.

They moved to Deepwater Township on a train, bringing all of their belongings, cattle, horses, household goods, and machinery, all loaded on a boxcar. Upon their arrival in Ryder, the horses were harnessed, the boxcer was unloaded, and their belongings were taken by wagon to the homestead. On the way, some of the horses played out, and had to be left at a farm, to be retrieved later.

While they were in Deepwater, they had four more children: Obert, Thelma, Mable, and Eldora.

At one time, the Franklins were members of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, west of Roseglen.