Wesley Cumings Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Cumings Sr.

Wesley Cumings Sr. was born in Britt, Iowa on June 15, 1885. He moved to Spring Brook, North Dakota in 1907, where he homesteaded for five years.

In the spring of 1912, he moved to the Garrison area, where he farmed with his uncle, Tom Wilson. There, he met Lilly Giffey, the daughter of Fred Giffey Sr., and they were married on May 17, 1916.

Two days later, on May 19, they moved to the Roseglen area to prove up on a homestead that Lilly Giffey had filed on May 2, 1916.

Wes was interested in baseball, and he coached the Roseglen Legion Baseball Team for several years.

Wesley Cumings Sr. passed away on October 9, 1964. In 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published, Lily was still living on her homestead.

Wes and Lilly had three children. Wesley J. Cumings and his wife, Miriam Humbert, farmed in Deepwater Township, where Wes also operated a taxidermy shop in his back yard.

Warren Cumings and his wife, Deloris, farmed north of Roseglen. Darlene Cumings Gerth, and her husband Fred, lived in New England, North Dakota.