William Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Mueller came to North Dakota from Atchison, Kansas in May of 1912, settling in Deepwater Township, in McLean County.

They played a part in starting a Sunday School in July of 1912, and in for organization of the First Baptist Church of Amundsville in 1915.

Mr. Mueller was a carpenter by trade, and he built a number of houses, barns, and granaries in the surrounding area.

In 1929, the Muellers moved to Bismarck, making their home there. He worked as a carpenter at Fort Lincoln until his retirement. Mr. Mueller passed away in 1953, and his wife followed in 1955.

They were the parents of six children: William R. Mueller, J. Robert Mueller, Edwin Mueller, Mrs. Leo (Ruth) Litt, Mrs. Edwin (Dorothy) Edlund, and Howard Mueller.