William Wahl

Mr. and Mrs. William Wahl

William Wahl was the oldest of seventeen children, and was given the name of his father. He was born in Winow, South Dakota, and attended school there until he was twelve, when his family moved to Lincoln Valley, North Dakota, where he completed his education.

He stayed at home to work in the farm, and in the fall he would work on one of the threshing rigs in the area.

He met his future wife, Lydia, through his brother, who worked for her brother, John Korsu. Lydia Korsu was born in Capaden, in the country of Romanie, in 1892. There, they lived in the village and farmed the land around the village.

Lydia was one in a family of sixteen. She came to the United States with her parents and siblings when she was ten years old. On the third day of their trip to America by sea, a bad storm hit. The ship rocked severely, water came into the ship, and boats were prepared in the event that they were needed. Many passengers became sick, and some died. The ship was a freighter, and the trip took fourteen days. Lydia and her parents settled on a farm near Denhoff, North Dakota.

William and Lydia were married in 1909. They homesteaded on a farm near Denhoff, and lived in that area until 1935, when they moved to the Roseglen area, in Deepwater Township, in McLean County, where they lived until 1943, when they moved to Ryder.

In 1956, they moved to Turtle Lake, where Mr. Wahl died in 1960, one year after their Golden Anniversary.

Mr. and Mrs William Wahl were the parents of eleven children: Otto, Reinhard, Sam, Glen, Leo, Edna, Leoma, Viola, Paulette, Olinda, Ella, and Eldena.