Gate Township

Gate Township, North Dakota

Gate Township is north of Roseglen Township, northeast of Deepwater Township, east of Amundsville Township, south of Hiddenwood Township, southwest of Ryder Township, and west of Blue Hill Township.

I have very little information about the history of Gate Township itself, although I do have access to several biographical sketches of early settlers that were published in the Golden Jubilee book that was published for Roseglen's fiftieth anniversary in 1967, so I will make use of these, and other tidbits of information that I have been able to find. The township currently has a population of well under fifty people so very little information is available, particularly online.

The highest elevation in Gate Township is Round Top Hill. In the early days, cowboys could ride to the top of the hill and be able to locate their cattle.

The Golden Gate Homemakers Club was organized in 1953, at the Louie Fjeldahl home. Charter members included Hallie Shafer, Alice Braasch, Marion Fjeldahl, Loretta Ostvolden, Lydia Akan, Beatrice Johnson, June Sprenger, Delores Johnson, Mildred Franklin, Irene Petz, Dorothy Sprenger, Alice Petz, and Vivian Forsman. The club was disbanded at some point prior to 1967.