Helmer Iverson

Mr. and Mrs. Helmer E. Iverson

Helmer E. Iverson was married to Laura Ostvolden. Prior to coming to North Dakota, they were living in Brooten, Minnesota.

Mr. and Mrs. Iverson decided to try farming in North Dakota, so they filed on a homestead in Gate Township, four miles north of Roseglen, in McLean County, in the spring of 1913.

Mr. Iverson shipped a couple of car loads of equipment, including a team of horses, several cows, machinery, and cut lumber, so that it would be ready for him to put up his homestead shack. After living there for about a month, a wind storm came up during the night, and blew their home over on its roof. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Their hired man, who was sleeping in the hay loft, came to their rescue, and they spent the rest of the night in the stable. They then slept in an unoccupied house nearby while Mr. Iverson built a new home.

At first, Mrs. Iverson couldn’t wait for the fourteen months required to prove up a homestead was over so that they could leave, but those fourteen months turned into twenty-seven years, and she enjoyed many happy days with the Roseglen people, and was a member of the Immanuel Lutheran Ladies Aid.

Farming had its ups and downs. They had a bountiful harvest in 1915, but then there were the drought years, particularly 1936, when farmers didn’t even get their seed back from their harvest.

Art Landon and Helmer Iverson were on the school board in Gate Township, and he had many memories of those years.

In the fall of 1931, the Roseglen Ladies Aid gave the Iversons a big surprise on their Silver Wedding anniversary, with a big dinner and a fine program. Mrs. John Sliper was the hostess.

In 1940, the Iversons moved to a farm near Sutton, North Dakota, and celebrated their Golden Wedding Day in 1956, with many friends from Roseglen and Brooten, Minnesota being present. In 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published, they were living in Cooperstown, North Dakota.

The Iversons had six children: Gladys (Mrs. Ole Iverson), Evelyn (Mrs. R.H. Anderson), Vera (Mrs. Erling Kvale), Howard, Mildred (Mrs. Dale Flaig), and Wallace.

Mr. and Mrs. (Vera) Kvale farmed near Roseglen for several years before moving to Raub, Turtle Creek, and then Gilette, Wyoming.