Jake Petz

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Petz

Jake Petz came to Gate Township, in McLean County, North Dakota, from Minnesota with his parents as a young boy. As he grew up, he was employed with Alex Braasch and Carl Larson in the coal mine southwest of Roseglen.

He and Alice Mikkelson were married, and they lived at Berthold on the C.A. farm until about 1935. Later, he worked for Joe Rensch in Makoti for a few years until he bought the farm from Helmer Iverson in 1940, where they were still living in 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published.

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Petz were the parents of ten children: Duane, Donna Jean, Dick, Dennis, Doreen, Kitty Ann, Peggy, Joyce, Lowell, and Gregory.