Louis Schoening

Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Schoening

Louis E. Schoening was born in Renville, Minnesota in 1874. He married Mathilda Johnson in New York City. She was born in Arvika, Sweden in 1884.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schoening made their home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Louis traveled for the Big 4 Tractor Company, demonstrating tractors in Europe. Mrs. Schoening accompanied him on these trips. A daughter (Frances) was born to them in Arvika, Sweden in 1913.

They returned to the United States in 1914, and moved to the Roseglen area, settling on their homestead in Gate Township, in McLean County, North Dakota, in 1916.

Mrs. Schoening passed away in 1954. Mr. Schoening was married again in August of 1958, to Mrs. Corda Vannusdle. Mr. and Mrs. Vannusdle were early settlers in McLean County, coming from Ohio to homestead in Amundsville Township in 1913. They and the Schoenigs were friends and neighbors until the Vannusdles moved back to Ohio in 1922.

After Louis and Corda were married, they lived in Garrison for about a year before moving to Salem, Oregon in 1959. Mr. Schoening died in Salem in 1963, and his wife remained there.