Ole Haugen

Mr. and Mrs. Ole Haugen

Ole Haugen was born on February 10, 1890. Josie Flateland was born on October 22, 1891. They were married, and made their home on a farm three miles north of Roseglen, in the year 1916. Their farm was in Gate Township, McLean County, North Dakota. Before that, they had lived in Makoti for a few years.

Mr. and Mrs. Ole Haugen had nine children. One girl died in infancy, and was buried in the Roseglen Lutheran Cemetery in 1930. Then, they took a granddaughter, three weeks old, and raised her to the age of eighteen; her name was Donna Rae.

Their children were Orris, Jesse, Telman, Orlene, Annie, Alice, Ole Jr., Donna Rae, and Gilmer.

Mr. and Mrs. Haugen left Roseglen in 1947, and moved to Garrison, where they still made their home in 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published.