Oscar Ostvolden

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ostvolden

Oscar Ostvolden was born and raised at Brooten, Minnesota in 1892. In 1914, he homesteaded northwest of of Roseglen, in Gate Township, McLean County, North Dakota.

In July of 1916, he returned to Brooten and was married to Clara Jevere. Her friends all bid her goodbye and told her she was going to North Dakota to live with the rattlesnakes and Indians. However, no rattlers were to be seen.

Mr. and Mrs. Ostvolden had two children, Thelma and Ernest.

Thelma was married to Lawrence Halvorsen. With their children, Ramona and Larry, they lived in Roseglen until 1955, when they moved to a farm southeast of Roseglen.

Ernest married Loretta Giesen of Makoti, and they lived on the old homestead until they moved to Roseglen in 1961.

Oscar and Clara Ostvolden lived on their homestead until Mrs. Olstolden passed away in 1940.

During the 1930s, Oscar was an active member of the Farm Holiday Association and the Non-Partisan League, He served as Gate Township clerk from the time that the township was organized until 1943. He also served as Commissioner of McLean County’s 2nd District in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

In the fall of 1942, he was remarried, to Anne Nelson of Norwich. He then left the homestead and they lived in Garrisonn for a short time, after which they moved to Portland, Oregon, where he passed away in January of 1966. He was seventy-three years old.