William Braasch

Mr. and Mrs. William Braasch

Mr. and Mrs. William Braasch were both born in Chicago, Illinois, spending their early lives there. They were married and, about 1907, they moved to Wimbledon, North Dakota, where they farmed for several years. A post office was located on their farm, and Mr. Braasch served as postmaster for a short time.

In 1913, they homesteaded in McLean County, three miles north of Roseglen, in the area that would become Gate Township, North Dakota. They remained on their homestead for several years. He also owned and operated a coal mine for a number of years, and served on the township and school boards at various times. Both Mr. and Mrs. Braasch were members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, south of Makoti.

Mr. Braasch passed away in 1957, and Mrs. Braasch in 1963. They had two sons: Chester, who farmed the home place, and Emery.