William Zimmerman


Mr. and Mrs. William Zimmerman

William Zimmerman came to North Dakota in August of 1913, and worked as a laborer for two years. Then, he bought a one-half interest in a threshing machine, and threshed for four years. In 1918, he had to go in the Service, during World War I, returning in 1919. He threshed for one more year at Anamoose, then shipped his rig to Ryder, as he had bought the other half of the interest in the rig from his partner, Ferd Wollmer of Anamoose.

He built a house in Gate Township, which was in McLean County, and started farming there, in the Roseglen community, staying for seven years, discontinuing the threshing when combines became available.

He was married in January, 1925, in the church where he had attended Sunday School, not far from his parents’ home in Drake, North Dakota.

When he was interviewed for the Golden Jubilee book in 1967, he said that through the years of drought, and worry, and hard work, and the years of plenty, with the help of his good wife, it has been perfect living in the Roseglen community. He had many friends there, and much to be thankful for.

Mr. Zimmerman farmed until 1957, then moved to Garrison, and was still living there in 1967.

The Zimmermans has four children: Bernice (Mrs. Harold Peterson), Robert (who married Dorris Neumiller), Verena (Mrs. Joe Bober), and Billy, who died unexpectedly on June 16, 1954, at the age of twenty. He became ill while enroute from Omaha, Nebraska by air to Amarillo, Texas, after completing his basic training. He passed away at the Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, where he was moved. The cause of death was acute meningitis.