Hiddenwood Township

Hiddenwood Township, North Dakota

Hiddenwood Township is north of Gate Township, west of Ryder Township, northeast of Amundsville Township and south of Makoti, in Ward County.

Mr. Wright and Mr. Williams, from DesLacs, owned nineteen acres of land in the Roseglen area of McLean County, North Dakota. They had the plan of establishing a town on this land. They had the lots surveyed, and started a grocery store and post office in 1903. Ed Fredeen hauled the mail out to Ryder, and they picked it up there.

Wanting to get acquainted with their neighbors, Williams and Wright decided to have a picnic. The first Hiddenwood Picnic was held on June 20, 1903, beginning a tradition that continues today.

Mr. Wright only remained in the business for two years, however. Mr. Williams stayed a few years longer, then the Hunsinger girls operated the store for a few years.

In 1917, they sold the store building to Fred Van Hook. Eventually, the 1st National Bank took over the land, although later it was to become the property of the Old Settlers Association.

The Hiddenwood Presbyterian Church is now used as a chapel on the Hiddenwood Picnic grounds.

Although not in McLean County, Hiddenwood Township did become a township, and is well known in the Roseglen area for its annual Hiddenwood Picnic.

DGG and family

The family of Donald and Myrtle (Rosborough) Gardner, the daughter, Loreen, and their son, Donald, on their homestead in Hiddenwood Township, Ward County, North Dakota.