Early Families of Romsaas Township, North Dakota

In the pages beneath this section are biographical sketches of some of the early homesteaders, pioneers, and settlers in the area known as Romsaas Township, or Township 149, Range 86, in McLean County, North Dakota. The information presented here is gleaned primarily from the Golden Jubilee book which was published in 1967 for the 50th anniversary of Roseglen, North Dakota.

There were many families who lived in the Romsaas area for only a few years, in order to prove up their homestead, then moved away. Others left after only a few years due to the hardships of homesteading life.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weinberg and their son, Ray, each had homesteads, one of which is the quarter of land on which Gordon Hacanson and his family were living in 1967. Ray Weinberg married Lydia Roessl, then moved to Killdeer, North Dakota.

The August and Louie Hoefert families homesteaded the farms in which Duane Zimmerman and Jack Crawford were living in 1967.

The Andrew Urdahl family lived in the Romsaas community for a few years. Vern Bloom owned their former homestead in 1967.

Mr. and Mrs. John Kinglsey homesteaded in the Romsaas area. He was a well driller.

Among the young men and women who stayed only long enough to prove prove up their claims, then sold the relinquishments, and left for other places, were Tom Laudenschlager, Jens Linderud, Orrin Wynn, Peter Burkland, Julius Nelson, Severt Ovre, John Stromstad, John Batzel, John Kane, the Watne brothers, O. Burgsetter, Ellen Folden, Sena Olson, E. Purcell, Ellen and Hannah Romsaas, Harriet Percival, Ellen Mytting, Mrs. Overgaard, and others whose names have been forgotten.