Austin Romsaas

Mr. and Mrs. Austin Romsaas

Mr. and Mrs. Austin Romsaas were both born in Norway, coming to Minnesota in 1888. In 1903, Mr. Romsaas filed on a homestead in what would become Romsaas Township, McLean County, North Dakota. He moved his family to the homestead in 1904.

There were seven children: Peter, Anne (Mrs. Howard Kinney), Bertha, Ellen (Mrs. Osman Rystad), Hannah (Mrs. Frank Flynn), Syver, and Marie (Mrs. Fred Hacanson).

Austin Romsaas passed away in 1915, and Mrs. Romsaas died at the home of their daughter, Ellen, in 1934. The Romsaas School District was named after the Austin Romsaas family.