Ben Iglehart

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Iglehart

Ben (B.W.) Iglehart came to Romsaas Township, in McLean County, from Rock Island, Illinois. He had hauled coal, and worked in a monument factory before coming to North Dakota.

In 1905, he married Josephine Aberle, of Davenport, Illinois. That same year, he came to the homestead alone, and their first son, Wilbert (Bill) was born in Davenport. The following year, his wife and son joined him on the homestead, where they lived until Ben passed away in January of 1936. Josephine continued to live on the farm until her death in April of 1956. Two more children were born to the Ingleharts while they were in North Dakota: John (Jack) and Berniece.

During his lifetime, Ben Iglehart developed a well built diversified farm. Both Bill and Jack, as well as their sons, had outstanding livestock operations.

Bill was married to Eleanor Retterath, of Hazen. They farmed two miles east and two miles south of the Emmet store, on the shore of the lake. They were the parents of five children: Donald, Robert, Wilbert Jr., Rozanne, and Mary Jo. Bill developed a cabin site area along the lake shore.

Jack married Eleanor Fischer of Garrison, and they lived on the original Iglehart farm. Their children were John and James, who were twins, and Myrna.

Berniece married Ray Frankenberger of San Francisco, California. They had one daughter.

Mrs. Ben Iglehart’s sister, Mrs. Eberle, came to Romsas Township with the Iglehart family and filed on a forty north of the Inglehart farm. After proving up, she made her home there with her sister until her death.