Bert Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Johnson

Born in Norway in 1876, Bert Johnson came to Minnesota with his parents and grew up there. In 1905, he secured a homestead in North Dakota, settling in what was to become Romsaas Township, in McLean County, near Roseglen. Christine was born in Towner, North Dakota, in 1888.

Bert and Christine were married in 1910. Bert passed away in 1949, after which Mrs. Johnson continued to live on the land, along with her youngest son, Delbert.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Johnson had eight children: Melvin, Alice (Mrs. Bill Black), Larry, Wesley, Eleanor (Mrs. Logue), Lorraine (Mrs. Fred Monte), Raymond, and Delbert.

Larry married Genevieve Afdahl, and lived in Roseglen, along with their five children: Ardell, Darrell, Bruce, Diane, and Karen.