Emil Price

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Price

Emil Price was born on June 2, 1881 in Salina, Kansas. When he was still a young boy, his parents moved to Moline, Illinois, where he worked in his father’s blacksmith shop. His father passed away when Emil was sixteen years old, so Emil went to work in a wagon factory in order to help support his mother and younger brothers and sisters.

In 1906, Emil traveled to Ryder, North Dakota, and filed on a homestead fifteen miles southeast of there, across the road from where the Ervin Hopkins farm would be in 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published. This was in McLean County, in what would often be referred to as Romsaas Township.

His brother, Axel, came from Illinois to visit and, seeing the homesteading prospects there, he decided to stay, and the two brothers farmed together for a while.

In 1909, Emil married Anna Hacanson, and they bought a farm, also in the Romsaas community, where they lived the rest of their lives. In 1967, their son, Wilbert, and his family, were living there.

Mrs. Price was born on November 15, 1889 in Warner, South Dakota. She grew up there, and came to Romsaas Township in 1908 to a homestead that her parents had filed on earlier.

In July of 1917, the family home burned. The Prices moved into Douglas, and lived there for three winters. Each summer, they moved to the farm, where they lived in a three-room building that had been used as a granary. Emil worked in the Douglas Garage during these winters.

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Price  had six children: Wilbert, Donald, Hazel (Mrs. James Becker), Alice (Mrs. Vern Bloom), Ethel (Mrs. Lynn Ziegler), and Doris (Mrs. Robert Landon).

Mr. and Mrs. Price celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at their farm in 1959. Mr. Price passed away on August 28, 1960, and Mrs. Price followed on February 25, 1962.